The XRSI Privacy Framework - A Shared Responsibility Toolkit

A talk by Kavya Pearlman

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About this talk

Spatial Computing and Extended Reality technologies provide a bridge that combines hardware, software, people, places, and information via HMD, digital contact lenses to haptic wearables, IoT devices, sensors, robots, autonomous vehicles, and beyond. If we think that Web 2.0 took the world by storm, emerging technologies such as XR and Spatial computing will transform the way humans connect, create, commerce, and heal. While this technological shift expands our capabilities and increases our potential, impacting every aspect of the economy, culture, and our lives, it also brings along deeper societal and privacy concerns.

Addressing privacy in the uncharted territories of emerging technologies allows us to derive key benefits from the data while simultaneously building trust that will ultimately define the success of these emerging domains. When it comes to individual privacy in Spatial Computing and XR, the industry is in dire need of clear and specific guidance, which the framework provides. By taking a conservative baseline approach to layout and design choices and relying on a well-engineered foundation, the framework supports individual privacy rights and choices.

The novel framework is the necessary component that empowers individuals and organizations with a common language and practical tool that is flexible enough to address diverse privacy needs and is understood by all levels of technical and non-technical audiences. This framework draws a baseline, offering solution-based controls that have principles like “privacy by design”, “privacy by default” baked in, and driven by the trust, transparency, accountability, and human-centric design.

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